Nominate School of Science and Technology for Houston Chronicle's Best of the Best

Nominate SST
Would you like a chance to win $500? Just click on the link below and nominate the School of Science and Technology for the Chron Best of the Best Contest. It's that easy! Nominate our school in ALL of the following categories to increase your chance of winning!
* Charter School
* Children's Activity
* E-Learning Program
* Learning Center/Tutor
* Public School
* Teacher
Share with friends and family and ask them to use the hashtag #VoteForSST when they share. When you increase your chance to win, you increase our chance to win. It's a Win-Win for the SST Family!
May the Best of the Best win!
*** Do not include the campus location when nominating. We are recognized as just one school so just type in 'The School of Science and Technology' into each category.